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I purchaced the Vector 1 year ago from LEO not Alantitc Firearms and is not a "conversion gun" and it has sat in my safe, cost me $2100. and is a beautiful wepon system no signs of wear. Never a sight system attached (a virgin!! rail in Perfect condition).

This is not an Alantic Firearms Conversion! This was purchaced by Law Enforcement in California and is a privatly owned with 180 rnd count LEO ( Law Enforcement Officers ) gun that has already been transferred to a civilian (me). Were it sat in mysafe untill I got married and now I need the money. So all you guys that email me about the $1,300.00 Alantic Firearms guns today, well they basically are not the same quality gun. I have held the two and it's night and day (seriously)! This LEO Law Enforcement Officers ) virsion from 2 years back that has been a safe queen has the better quality barrell with the better twist rate 9/1 not 7/1 so you can fire modern ammunition without the bullet tumbling, in my expierence, and I have owned 25 Hecklers, the powdercoat to me is perfect factory HK all day long! Compaired to what they are producing today at Atlantic, some guns are sprayed in house with Duracoat and it looks like 1/2 the thickness and flat compaired to the coating of the Baked on HK Black Powdercoat, and the parkerized (yuk / barf ) cheap) also who knows what kinda cheap *** barrels they are using today and I am concerned if they even plug when they parkerize or do they even chrome barels any more?

And then you have to pay Full tax, Shipping fee, also they are using Welded Flash hider, possible conversion (bullet button), only ships with 1-1rnd magazind (20rnd welded shut) so you gotta buy magazines, FFL on both ends.... you get the idea. I'm just trying to be fair as can be without being stupid.

My Selling Price is $1,500.00 obo. I also have additional rebuild kits magazines INCLUDED...

Approx round count is 180 and is in as close to Perfect condition as I can tell.
This is one of the "Original's when the Quality was really high, including the Heckler & Koch Black Powdercoat is perfect! This machine pistol has the new improved barrell with 9 in 1 twist over the 7 in 1 qiving the bullet a better tumble free spin and more accurcy with modern ammunition.

Also there is Warranty left on the Vector V53 and the weapon can be reregistered to the new owner thru Vector Arms and warranty transferred
Vector Arms, V53 Pistol, semi auto. Threaded muzzle with flash hider, built by Vector Arms and backed up by their top notch service & warranty !!

Comes with one 10/30 round mag AND extra 20, 30 & (maybe a 45rnd) these are in high demand!! rebuild kits magazines ... and many extra gun specific stuffs.
I am located in East Bay. David 510-832-0845


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