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09-08-2011, 8:26 AM
Please read before buying.


***Gun is SPF to Gao1976, will update person next in line it falls through.
Price is $250 located in Huntington Beach/Socal, Gun is Curio Relic no dros necessary.
- Comes with 1 original 10 round magazine
- 1 original leather sling
Chambered in 308 semi auto <=== Currently single shot LOL
Selling this gun for a friend, I took it to the super secret zombie shoot to test the gun before purchase but it did not cycle, had to struggle to pull out the cartridge, but it does shoot well, I was able to hit an 18" gong at 200 yards. I did some reading and found these things are hit and miss when re-chambered to 308. Only buy this if you know how to fix it or know someone that can fix it.

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3rd in line. I can fix it :)

09-08-2011, 10:38 AM
Found IT!!!!

My .308 49/56 is not at all unreliable. The last thing it did was eat an entire .50 cal. ammo box full of gungy surplus NATO MG rounds with no hiccups once it got rolling. Good mags are a definite plus.

I read someplace (And heard from a couple of people.) that the primary issue with the CIA rifles (Mine's one.) that malf'd was that the chambering reamer used to re-cut the barrels on the conversions appparently got very dull at some point. This resulted in a bunch of guns with rough chambers, and chambers with SPIRAL GROOVES running approx. perpendicular to the length of the chamber.

What do you suppose crosswise grooves in chamber walls does for extraction of cases that have pressure down to "a safe level" before being yanked on by a gas-driven bolt? Isn't it Seecamp who grooves their chambers to delay blowback in thier pocket autos by giving the case something to grab onto?

Another point is commercial .308 Winchester ammunition is loaded some 10,000-15,000 psi hotter than NATO-spec 7.62 x 51, and original French ammo operates close to NATO pressure. That could have adverse effects on the gas system timing, as well as chamber-wall grip and case pressure-forming.

Check your chamber. A rough chamber would not be forgiving of a dirty rifle if the gun is already at the ragged edge of functioning. In the worst case, cartridge rims get ripped off. Look for crosswise lines in the largest part of the diameter. Also check fired cases for evidence of "tire tracks" on the outer diameter, particularly in commercial loads. Even shallow marks give malleable brass a lot of "teeth". Chamber walls should be mirror-bright, unless the gun's a H&K 91. :)

When I informed one person I knew with a 49/56 that "no, those spiral grooves are NOT supposed to be there. No wonder your gun doesn't extract", he proceeded to give his chamber a good polish until the grooves were gone. Result? His rifle now functions perfectly, a 100% improvement in function. No more torn rims, or even extraction failures.

CIA got wind of this, and fixed the problem at their end. The later part of the batch of rifles sold by them have nice clean chambers. My gun is part of that later batch. I heard rumors that CIA would fix guns that misfunctioned, but I have no definite confirmation of that, and that was a while back. Interested parties might give them a ring.

Or you might just give your chamber a polish to make it shiny and clean like it should be. It might be an easy fix. At the very least, you have a place to start a diagnosis, as rifles chambered for the original 7.5 x 54 round are well-documented to be reliable and accurate.

Note: If you have DEEP grooves, as I understand some guns did, you might have to have the gun re-chambered, as polishing the grooves out would increase the chamber diameter too much, causing case life to be severely curtailed. That's probably a gunsmith judgement.