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01-27-2007, 5:52 PM
a group of friends and myself have been camping and shooting for a week in feb or march...we lost our site last year (kicked out on our last day) at the indians... we scouted throughout the year with no luck finding a site to do it. there are about 12 of us and too much EQUIPMENT to hike very far from our cars to set up camp. we thought we found the place a month ago when we stumbled upon the bowl at panoche. well i just got a report back from the panoche trip today that the roads were horrible, half the vechiles couldnt make it very far from the kiosk and infact my friend got stuck and had to use the wood he brought up to put under his tires to get free. ( he did say he met a few of you and is sorry he couldnt get quite to the site to shoot with you). this was after only 1 day of rain..

so here is my dilemma, i need a spot where we can set up targets and shoot and camp for a week without being bothered and when i say camp the tents and trhe kitchen tent isnt very far from the cars...most of us do have 4wds... and our trip is for the 1st week in march...we all have set our vacations to it.....any help would be appreciated

01-27-2007, 8:55 PM
I would'nt discount Panoche just yet. The roads were bad for the 2 wheel drives but the 4 wheel drives I watched go up today didn't seem to have a problem, about 6 of them.
There were several trucks with hunters not associated with our Calguns exercise that went up handily. I am among those that did not get to the innards of Panoche today, however Lynchfamily said he didn't think the roads were bad. He was in a Jeep, I think Cherokee.

Wait until sunday or monday and get the report from those that went up and over to the bowl area. I know several were talking about going there.

By Feb or March things ought to be okay enough to do it. And Panoche is isolated enough I think it'd be a great spot.

Lynch said they were already firing the cannon and we couldn't here it from where we were.

I think you'd be fine with 4 wheel drives. Park the 2 wheelers inside the gate part way up the hill off the main road.

Its the adventure:D