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09-07-2011, 6:15 PM
I have a large assortment of gun parts and accessories I no longer need/want and would like to plain just get rid of. A solid “I’ll take it” followed by a PM will secure the item. All inquiries with questions are just that…. Questions. This add is cross-posted on multiple boards, so date stamps will be used. I would prefer to keep sales local to San Diego when possible, but will ship on your dime. All prices are + shipping. I use USPS priority mail boxes for shipping. ALL ITEMS ARE BEING SOLD AS-IS!! Here are the items:

AR-15 items:
1. A2 buttstock complete with buffer and spring. Used but good condition, plastic buttplate. $ 35SPF
2. Bushmaster faux collapsible stock. Pinned on full length tube. OD green, NON-collapsible. $30
3. A2 length buffer tube. Used, good shape. $10SPF
4. A2 handguards. Used but good condition, with heat shields. $20
5. A2 pistol grip. Used but good condition. $5
6. A2 style furniture set. Safety orange color with handguards, buttstock, and enhanced pistol grip. $50
7. Textured pistol grip with palm swell. Bottom shelf was cut off by someone (not me…). Will still work fine and feels good in hand. $5
8. Vertical foregrip. Polymer with rubber plug in bottom for storage. Very good condition. $15 SOLD
9. Aluminum foregrip. Heavy duty and feels good, but bottom locking piece is seized. May be an easy fix, but I don’t want to deal with it. $10
10. A2 buffer spring. New in opened package. $10
11. CAR-15 cheek riser for collapsible stock. Used for carry handle mounted optics. $10
12. Faux suppressor can. Aluminum slip over barrel type, does not add length. Cut on back end to fit on M4 barrel with standard front sight base. That end needs re-painted. $20
13. Carry handle channel mount. See thru for iron sights. $10
14. Carry handle tri-rail mount with Weaver 1” rings. See thru for iron sights. $20

AK parts:
15. Un-opened Tapco AK47 flats with rails. I have (3). $15 eachALL SPF
16. Unknown manufacturer AK47 flats with rails. May have very slight surface rust/discoloration. I have (4). $15 eachALL SPF
17. Synthetic buttstock for Saiga?? $10SPF
18. Dragonav style AK buttstocks with hardware. One light, one dark. $20 each BOTH SPF

FAL parts:
19. Black take-off furniture set. Well used with painted # on buttstock. $30 SPF
20. Rubber buttplate $5
21. Gas piston. Not US made. Used but good shape. $5
22. Nice Israeli HB buttstock. Stripped, but excellent condition. Few small dings. $30
23. US made hardwood buttstock. Rough sanded and unfinished. Never installed. Minor blemish on either side at neck. $45SPF
24. SAW buttstock with hardware. OD green with minor blemish on neck. Never installed. $35
25. Gas block for standard barrel. Sight protector ears have been bent inward, but otherwise fine. $15SPF

Misc Accessory Items:
26. Allen brand Rifle cartridge bandoleer. New, nylon material. Holds 25 rounds. $7
28. Northwest Territory brand rifle cartridge wallets. New in package, holds 20 rds each. Have (2). $5 each
29. Uncle Mikes nylon belt slide holster (Size 5). Will fit large frame autos and revolvers. $15
30. Uncle Mikes kydex belt slide holster for Glocks (26, 27). New in package. $15
31. Fobus kydex paddle holster for S&W “K” and “L” frames. New in package. $15
32. Galco leather belt slide holster for Steyr M40/ M9 pistols. $35
33. Uncle Mikes clip-on tactical light holster. Fits weapon lights. New in package. $10
34. Rifle slings. Both camo and made for hunting rifles. $10 for both.
35. Wiley-X sunglasses/ shooting glasses. New in pouch with interchangeable lenses. $30
36. Cass Creek brand electronic deer call. Used one season back east. $15
37. Safe magnet. Design of deer grazing. Add some design to your safe! $10
38. Hornaday handheld priming tool. New in box. $20
39. Laser Devices visible laser w/mount. Push button on rear. Nice strong laser in great condition. $150
(See here: http://www.laserdevices.com/index.cfm/p-LAS_TAC_8.htm )
40. BSA red dot scope for .22’s. Used, marked RD30/22. Dead battery now, but worked last time I tried it. As-is. $30
41. Tasco “Mini-Mag” red dot scope for 22’s & pistols. Used, marked MM25. Dead battery now, but worked last time I tried it. As-is. $30
42. “Sack-Ups” knife protector. Silicon treated and has XX pouches for storage. $10
43. Victorinox (aka Swiss Army Knife) Soldier knife. New in box. $35
44. Boker 90S knife. New in box. $50
OR…. Buy everything above for $400 shipped!!!!

Misc. Firearm Accessory Items:
45. R.M. Hayes custom made wood grips for “model 4000” pistol. Unsure what these fit, but VERY nicely made/finished. $25
46. Ruger wood Mini-14 takeoff stock. Lightly used with hardware. $30
47. Ruger 10/22 take-off stock. Lightly used. $20
48. H&K SL-8 mag well. Used and two small holes drilled for fixed magazine. Will not be visible when installed. $10
49. H&K G36 feed tower for Beta-C mags. $20
50. S&W .40S&W magazine (10 rds). Unknown model pistol. Sigma?? $10
51. Aimtech shotgun optic rail. I believe it fits a Remington 870. $15
52. Unknown brand shotgun optic rail. I believe it fits a Remington 870. $15
53. Shotgun pistol grip. Used to be part of folding stock, but stock pieces all gone. Works fine as is. $5
54. Ribbed shotgun forend. Cut off on front end for clearance issues. $7
55. Beretta “Tru Bead” sights. New in package. $30
56. Benelli parts. Unsure what these are. Some sort of spacers?? All have numbers stamped. $10
57. Sten MkIII parts kit. Quality demil kit with two 32 rd magazine rebuild kits. $190SPF
58. Snap Caps for 45ACP. $10 for all three.SPF
59. Kimber takeoff plastic part. $5
60. Wilson Combat slide release lever for 1911. Blued part with some finish wear. $20
61. Wilson Combat slide release lever for 1911. Stainless part with some finish wear. $20
62. Wilson Combat tactical mag release for 1911. Blued part, looks new. $15SPF
63. Ed Brown Products 1911 heavy duty firing pin for 1911. $7SPF
64. Ed Brown Products two-piece guide rod assembly for 1911. $25
65. Cominolli frame saver Tungsten spring plug for 1911. $7SPF
66. Federal Arms 1911 .45ACP stainless steel ported barrel. $100

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do you still have #50 the mag for maybe a sigma

09-16-2011, 10:39 AM
I'll take #1.......A2 butt stock complete. PM coming!

09-16-2011, 10:52 AM
34. Rifle slings. Both camo and made for hunting rifles. $10 for both
50. S&W .40S&W magazine (10 rds). Unknown model pistol. Sigma?? $10 ETA: looks like a 4006 mag, not a sigma mag. Taking a chance that I am right:D

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Izzy FAL HB stock back up for sale. Never heard back from buyer.