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09-07-2011, 4:42 PM
Tentatively sold I have a prospective buyer. SOLD!!!

For Sale: Springfield M1 Garand ser#3059631 (approx.July 1944)
I purchased this from Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) about 2002.
It was a Service Grade Garand that I sent to Orion 7 Enterprises and had it upgraded for high power matches ( 1moa).
I had them complete go through it and had installed Var Barrel, NM trigger and NM front sight as well as reparkerized.
A Boyd laminated stock was fitted and installed soon after.
I retained original parts that were replaced,original stock and hand guard,springfield barrel,springs and other hardware.
Also comes with original CMP booklet and M1 Rfile Booklet first published 1938 by the NRA.
Also a new Boyds Walnut Stock and hand guards that would have to be fittet.
I only shot it once maybe 25 rnds to sight it in around 2003 Chabot rifle range. I was very very pleased with it.
Since then it has been in my gun locker protected by one of those thick insulated rifle socks.
I haven't been shooting since around 2005 and have taken up other activities since.
I still have shop service receipt from Orion 7.
$1100 with everything mentioned including approx. 200 rnds of ammo.

Will sell to C&R holder and C&C
Located in San Francisco
Local sale only , no shipping.