View Full Version : Which Barrel for silhouette?

09-07-2011, 4:23 PM
So the basic info:

I am building an 80% 10/22 Razor receiver. I have set a goal to build out several different 80% receivers using a drill press rather than a milling machine....but that's a whole different story....

I'd like to make sure I can use my new, incredibly overpriced 10/22 at the local silhouette matches and I need to decide which way to go with the build. Hunter/sporter type build or the full bull barrel thumb hole stock type build.

An acquaintance at my club seems to emphasize getting a sporting/hunter category rifle (and I know most of these guys are shooting nice bolt actions).

Anyway, number one goal is to build up the 10/22, number two goal is to use it in an occasional silhouette match. which category should I build? What would be a good barrel?