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09-07-2011, 2:36 PM
Well I am pleased to say I spent money today and had a great experience. I went in just after noon while waiting for the kids to get out of school. I've been there before, had long waits at times, and I knew this would be a good time. I was going to look at AR uppers and lowers on a whim. I was waiting maybe for 4 minutes before Josh asked if I wanted help. I passed my spot to another customer to window shop a bit more while listening to some FUD spreaders (one was an NRA instructor who I trained with when I was 21) talking about how .30-30's were the latest and greatest in home defense (Umm, really?).

After maybe 7 minutes total, I was then asked by Mike if I wanted help. I asked him to pass the Mosin-Nagant that was on sale as we both shared a WTF moment to what we just heard. I had him price out the Mosin and two Marlin 795's I had been wanting to make Liberty Training Rifles for the wife and I for an upcoming Appleseed. He even asked if I wanted to look at the one other Mosin they had in the back to be sure the shelf model was what I wanted. I said sure, and he gladly brought it out and opened the box. It was still taped up and wasn't even unwrapped yet. I would and have gotten grief at the other well known Mosin retailer. The price was right, and I told him to write me up for all 3. I was very pleased with the service and it only got better as Mike and I were chatting and I told him I was a CalGunner.

He asked me if I had seen the sales flyers posted here and told me how Turner's was working towards an ever improving relationship with CalGun's. I told him I did, but money was the issue from me coming in to purchase from those ads. He gave me his business card and I was surprised to see that he was the store manager. We're both H&K fans and he said he'd help me with whatever I needed including payment plans. What great above the top service! Not to mention after the $50 Marlin rebates my total out the door will have been $379 including tax and DROS. Not a bad deal for three guns. I will be back to pick up my new toys soon and will likely buy the accessories I need there as well. Thank you Turner's and give Mike and Josh the "attaboys" they deserve. Josh has helped me before and he knows his stuff.

09-07-2011, 5:24 PM
I have only been to 3 turners and San Marcos is the only one I of those will continue to shop at.

I went to the Kearny Mesa store a couple months ago to get some ammo that was on sale, I called first and there was plenty but when I got there the shelf was empty, I waited while the 2 guys behind the counter were talking to 2 other guys. First I thought it was business but after listining for 20 min and me trying to but in here and there, they were all friends BSing about something they did last weekend so I walked out pissed, the lady at the register asked what I was mad at and wanted to help. She went to the back and slid out the 2 cases of ammo I wanted and I told her I was going to go ask one of the rude guys for a dolly and she said "no, don't.... they will just get mad" I will never set foot in that store again!

The Corona store has a couple nice guys there but there is one young ***** that started yelling at me about how wrong I was about a purchase I had already worked out with a manager. I told him to just go to the back and there was a note from the manager about what he should do and he continued to be rude.

I called the San Marcos store because there were 2 guns I wanted there and told Kevin about the other 2 stores and the problems I had and all the problems I have read about and he put me with Mike H (there are 2 Mikes, Mike Z and Mike H) and he was a great guy to talk with, I have paid for 5 guns since then and might be going tomorrow for 2 more. Mike H is a great guy and he runs a good store, I have sent 2 friends to buy pistols from him and they were treated great as well.

09-29-2011, 2:03 PM
Was there last week to take a look my Mosin on layaway with the Marlin's. I brought my bore light this time so I could check the barrel. I had to wait a bit but Mike H. was happy to break it out of the back and let me have a look. The waits can still suck sometimes, but the staff and customers are usually pretty good about keeping an order of things. I am still impressed by the service and staff...when you eventually get to them. In the grand scheme of things it's a minor inconvenience to get the help you want.