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09-06-2011, 4:29 PM
For Sale: Winchester Model 12 pump action Shotgun. 12 Gauge with 2 3/4" chamber and 30" barrel. This gun has been in my family since the 1920's and was re-built in the 1960's. The only original part is the magazine tube. I no longer hunt, and I have no one to pass it down to. It is in fair condition with some wear on the blueing and wood. This is for sale locally in Sacramento, though I would consider shipping to an FFL at buyer's expense after payment is complete. I am not looking for trades. Cash or money orders only. Asking $300 - Buyer responsible for FFL transfer fees.

Best contact via E-mail: ronandmonica@gmail.com

*More photos available on request

09-06-2011, 4:42 PM
According to the serial number this gun was made in 1961. The Y prefix according to the blue book didn't start until 1964 but I bet they are wrong, either that or the year this serial number was manufactured.

Also the serial numbers on your gun are nice and crisp, they dont look like serial numbers on a gun that has been refinished. This is a good thing.

What makes you think this gun is from the 20's? Sounds like the pass down story might be wrong and the original gun was replaced with a new gun in the 60's, possibly? It was not made before 1961 and to be honest a gun would not be rebuilt if the only good part left on it was the mag tube.

Most rebuilt guns would still have their original serial number.

Can we get a picture of the writing or markings on the left side rear end of the barrel, this will also tell about its manufacture date.

As long as this gun is at least 50 years old it is a C&R and you can sell it in person to the next owner with no paperwork or transfer.

I am very interested in this gun, the price is great, any family members left around that can get a clear story on this one? You can email me directly at ata2nv@comcast.net if you have more info.

09-06-2011, 6:10 PM
"Y" models were made starting in 1964..Someone is BS'ing you about the family history..

09-06-2011, 6:16 PM
That sounds about right for the time my dad had it re-built. In essence, it's a 1960's gun with a 1920's mag tube. It was sentimental to my dad, so when it became too worn out to hunt with, he had the whole thing replaced except the mag tube. No BS at all...

09-06-2011, 6:33 PM
Well that can be right but your statement is a little off for us gun nuts here on this forum.

A gunsmith could have refinished and installed the mag tube, I think they seperate from the base that is serial numbered. Just so your pop could have a part of his old gun on the new one.

Cant explain why the Blue Book serial number section says from this number it was made in 61 and then also says in the description Y Prefix guns started in 64...Anyone have that answer? I am using the latest new version of the book.

Thats a great price on that shotgun as long as nothing is wrong with it so dont let anyone beat you up on that price too much;~)


P.S. I have cash if you get further south, closer to Fresno see my email I returned to you also.

09-06-2011, 6:47 PM
Starting In 1964 Model12’s were built with what ever Winchester had left in their parts inventory. The serial number 1956866 was manufactured in 1963 and stamped including the “Y” to indicate 1964 and later manufacture. Good chance that it has the earlier machined receiver verse the stamped out junk Winchester used after 1963. The mag tube and receiver appear original on this gun, but being an “Y’ decreases value substantially.