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09-05-2011, 9:40 PM

I just signed my 9yo daughter and myself up for the upcoming Dulzura Apple seed the end of October. I have read through the basics thread and also intend to bring alternate activities for her when she needs a break.

What type of weather should I plan for? I am not overly familiar with So Cal and want to make sure we are prepared.

The first thing that comes to mind is rain gear. Other than that I am clueless.

This will be the first Appleseed for wither of us! Thank you for your help!

09-05-2011, 11:55 PM
The dulzura Appleseed has cover.

09-27-2011, 11:12 AM
I would bring a light jacket for going in between the firing line and targets. Should be a great shoot, Dulzura has good permanent cover. I'll see you there.

10-04-2011, 6:30 AM
I can't wait for it! This is going to be my first Appleseed shoot as well. Looking forward to meeting new people

10-04-2011, 6:42 AM
Oh not to thread jack but how much ammo should I bring? How many mags do I need? Shooting a 10/22 btw.

10-04-2011, 6:58 AM
Where did you sign up?

10-04-2011, 7:04 AM
Bring at least 2 magazines, preferably more in case of malfunction. You'll need about 500 rounds of ammo if you're attending both days.

Here's the direct link to the registration page: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/983552833%20%20%20%20%20

Here's a link to info regarding Appleseed, including all the stuff you should bring and what you should expect: www.appleseedinfo.org

I'll be there as an instructor, as will Leonidas_AS. We'll be the two biggest guys with funny colored hats :D

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Any other questions you guys have, feel free to ask away in here or send me a PM.

10-07-2011, 9:08 AM
Is it recommended for this shoot to bring a centerfire rifle on Sunday? I was going to use a 10/22 for both days, but I could bring my sks on Sunday if needed.

10-08-2011, 12:48 PM
Thank you for the responses and I look forward to meeting y'all!!

I am trying to talk a few friends into coming, we will see how that works out. LOL

Desertjosh, from what I have read just bring whatever rifle you want to. It seems that you can do everything with a .22.

Francis Marion
10-08-2011, 5:38 PM
Sprucan Sailor, WELCOME ABOARD to you and your family. Just ask if you have any unanswered questions.

The following is a bit about the upcoming Appleseed at SBRGC, including how to sign up online. Space is limited: Sign up to ensure that you have a spot:


The Appleseed Project in San Diego County: South Bay Rod and Gun Club, Dulzura, CA.

Rifle shooting and American Revolutionary War history all weekend: a public experiment in the practical application of Liberty.

Honor brave Americans who gave their lives long ago for your Liberty by learning their stories.

If you are a new or long-time rifle shooter, spending a weekend refining fundamentals will improve your shooting. All skill levels are welcome, families especially.

Learn how to:
*Shoot standing, sitting, prone.... and hit your target.
*Use a loop sling.
*Adjust sights.
*How to mentally, physically fire each shot.

The course of fire is at 25m on scaled targets; this is a challenging and fun course of fire derived from an Army Qualification Test. Fundamentals that bring hits at 25m apply at full distance shooting also.

What to Bring: Rifle of your choice, 250 rounds ammo per person per day, ground mat, water, sunscreen, hat, extra mags/stripper clips, sight adjustment tools, sack lunch.

("Help!" you say. "My family doesn't have enough rifles!" Send a PM to Francis Marion and I'll put you down to borrow a rifle. No cost to you, but bring your own 22 long rifle ammo. Number is limited- serious takers, only please.)

Lunch while hearing Revolutionary War History! The high price paid to win our Liberty. Bring friends, family, young persons.

Rifles: Magazine or tube fed rifles are good choices. Bring 2 extra magazines. Sling equipped rifles are good choices, especially with cloth GI M1 Garand slings. Some Garand slings will be available to purchase at cost, but make sure your rifle has 1 inch wide swivels (not 1 swivels) to fit the Garand sling.

Scopes, optics, iron sights are all OK. 22 rimfires are good choices due to the cheap price of ammunition and 25m distance.

Teach your family what a weekend looks like-and sounds like- in a free country. Celebrate Liberty at the South Bay Rod and Gun Club in Dulzura.


Full info here:

Sign up online here:

Host range: http://www.sbrgc.org/

Event location:
1020 Marron Valley Road
Dulzura, CA 91917

Francis Marion
10-08-2011, 6:02 PM
Is it recommended for this shoot to bring a centerfire rifle on Sunday? I was going to use a 10/22 for both days, but I could bring my sks on Sunday if needed.

Josh- You can bring whatever rifle you like. As far as 'recommendations', It depends also on how your sights are set up on the 22, and how well you are able to use them. Factory Ruger sights are very challenging for most people to achieve good accuracy.

I strongly advise a scope, optic, or aperture sight instead of the Ruger factory sight. And 1 1/4" (Not 1") wide bottom mounted (not side mounted) sling swivels. And a GI Garand sling. There will be some Garand slings for sale at the shoot, brand new for less than $15.

Do an internet search for Liberty Training Rifle for more ideas.

If your Ruger is set up with a good sighting system as defined above, it'll do nicely for both days. Switching to the SKS or any other rifle is up to you; it just introduces a new set of variables into your experience. The SKS should have several stripper clips to keep up. Get a sling on the SKS.

Looking forward to meeting you all there.



What do the targets look like anyway?

Print the attached pdf and post it up ten feet away (from your head) for dry practice.

(Dry practice? Huh? That's where you take your UNLOADED rifle and, at home or in the yard, practice the martial art of shooting- of taking up a position, sighting onto a target, discovering, adjusting, and shifting your Natural Point of Aim, practicing your eye focus (focus on the front sight, not on the target, not on the rear sight!), breathing, respiratory pause, trigger squeeze, shot calling, magazine changing... you know, all the Rifleman fundamentals in which you'll be well versed after the Appleseed.)

10-10-2011, 10:37 AM
Thanks to everyone for the replies! I've got a scope on my 10/22, so ill use it for the shoot. Ill take the sks as a back up. Can't wait to meet you all!

10-26-2011, 8:13 PM
Just being nosey. What is everyone bringing? I will be bringing a Marlin 795 .22

10-27-2011, 5:15 AM
Im bringing a 10/22 and a sks for a JIC gun. My dad has a new 10/22 lvt and a ar15 for a JIC.

10-28-2011, 5:32 AM
Just being nosey. What is everyone bringing? I will be bringing a Marlin 795 .22

That's what I'll be shooting :)

10-28-2011, 8:37 PM
Looking forward to seeing everyone in the morning! Feel free to introduce yourselves and tell me you're from Calguns. My name is Jeff, I'll be one of the guys in the orange hats :thumbsup:

10-31-2011, 7:52 AM
Had a great day on Sat, Sunday Jared and I managed to both get sick :facepalm: Started driving to the range and had to turn around. Felt terrible, hope everyone else had a great Sunday.

10-31-2011, 9:00 AM
The daughter and I had a great day! Especially the second day when I brought her a Bi-pod.

My best was 194 on the AQT. It is amazing what a day or two of instruction and practice will do!

Congrats to those who earned their Rifleman qual!