View Full Version : Scottish Games, firearms, and Nordyke

Scarecrow Repair
09-04-2011, 9:37 PM
I've been going to the Scottish Games since they were in Santa Rosa. One of the most interesting aspects is the re-enactors who try to educate while having fun; I do not count most of the ren-faeries in this category. Used to be quite a few re-enactors from the last 250 years, including the Civil War, WW II, and in between.

For the last several years, however, the most modern firearms have been the French and Indian Wars (1757-1763) Brown Bess flintlocks. Anything more modern has been quite conspicuous by its absence.

At least one of the Nordyke briefs has mentioned the re-enactors, and I wonder if this recent lack of post-flintlock firearms is because Alameda County has leaned on the Caledonian Club (who put on the Scottish Games). Has anyone heard anything about this?