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09-04-2011, 7:15 AM
All parts are factory German unless noted otherwise. Shipping is not included in the prices (buyer pays actual shipping cost). I accept discreet paypal (+ paypal fee) or USPS money order. If paying by MO please have the payment to me within 5 days of purchasing the item/s, if paying by paypal please have the payment to within 1 day of purchase. Thanks for looking.

1. Latest generation German HK MP5 (HK94) "F" Bolt carrier group (date codes: bolt ID, carrier ID). Lightly used & in great condition.- $699

-Lastest design MP5 F full auto bolt carrier (will accomodate both the std & F recoil rod assemblies).
-F improved bolt head complete with the newest style roller retainer, extractor.
-HK factory MP5 100 degree locking piece
-MP5/94 firing pin
-MP5F braided wire (upgraded) firing pin spring



2. German HK MP5 40/10 bolt carrier group (date codes: bolt IO, carrier ID)with a #26 locking piece. Lightly used & in great condition.- $799



09-04-2011, 7:17 AM
3. German HK MP5/MP5K/HK94/SP89 9mm improved action 3 bolt heads(2 available, date codes IK and JC). Lightly used in great condition. - $259 each




4. German HK MP5/MP5K/HK94/SP89 100 degree locking piece (2 available) - $40 each - One sold, one still available.


5. German HK MP5/MP5K/HK94/SP89 firing pin & spring set (2 sets available) - $35 per set - One sold, one still available.


6. German 2 round burst counting wheels for four position and three position burst trigger groups (5 available) - $30 each - Two sold, three still available.


09-04-2011, 7:18 AM
7. German HK MP5/HK94 A2 stock. Lightly Used. - $59


8. German ambi sling pins for stock and forearm. One small and one large pin available. - $25 each


9. German HK MP5 40/10 bolt hold open parts. Bolt hold open lever, axle rod & axle roll pin. - $80


10. German HK MP5 40/10 demilled magwell complete with paddle mag release assy. - $95


11. German HK MP5/MP5k/HK94 complete rear sight. Includes complete rear sight, windage screw, screw & washers, ball bearing & spring. - $65


12. Small push pin sets for clipped lowers. Easily installs in plastic Hk lowers with epoxy to give the look of a pinned on full auto lower. Pins are cut in half and spring is welded in pin so it will never fall out. All pins are refinished and look new. Install in clipped lower and cut, dremel or grind down flush. 28 pins available - $9 per pin