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09-03-2011, 7:37 PM
Samson star C 7" quad rail. it's actually a 2 piece rail.
they sell for over $250 new if you can find them.
Only used a few times then taken off my rifle and replaced with a longer rail.

$175 including shipping. (no barrel nut) uses standard barrel nut.

also have a Stag milspec buttstock never used ( no buffer tube just the slip on buttstock)
$40 including shipping

and a standard handguard from the stag lowerparts kit.
$10 including shipping

all the parts are on the rifle in the picture.

rail, buttstock and handgrip.


09-03-2011, 7:57 PM
I have an Eotech 553 A65 in black. Its the quick detatch
raised base nightvision compatable model.
Ive used to a few times but i feel more comfortable with iron sights.
I have a 7x magnifier by Mako which is a superb magnifier.
mounted on a primary arms raised base flip to side mount
specially for the raised base eotechs. mounts up perfectly level.

both have only been used at the range maybe 4-5 times. zeros in perfectly at 100 yards hitting bullseyes all day long.
The bottom picture is a couple 8 inch shoot n see's.
top target was with the magnifier at 100 yards. bottom target was unmagnified.

eotech is $710 retail, Magnifier is $150 retail mount is $55

will sell package for $825 including shipping
Eotech comes in original box with manual.



09-05-2011, 9:41 AM