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Looking to sell or trade my my Kel-Tec Su-16CA chambered in 5.56/.223, I have had for around 6 months. I still have the original box, manual, and everything else it came with. I have put a Barska 3x Scope on it, changed the hand guard with the Kel-tec railed guard (I still have all the original parts), and put a muzzle break. I can also give you the vertical grip and the bullet button I made. I have fired only 200-300 rounds though it and have always kept it lubed and clean. Absolutely nothing wrong with the rifle. The 10/30 magazine is not included in the offer.

I am looking to trade for an AK-47 and it doesnt have to be a top grade either. A Romy will work fine, as long as its in good shape. Or I will trade it for a bolt action rifle chambered in .308 or a full size Glock 40 or 45 cal.

I will also sell it for $500 firm. Again, this thing is like new and I paid 580 for the rifle alone, 90 for the scope, 35 for the hand guard, and 15 for the muzzle break. Thats over 200 dollars off.

Call me at 209-620-7678 or just PM me. I live in Turlock, near Modesto.


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