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09-01-2011, 1:43 PM
The following Curious & Relic and Antique rifles are all over 50 years of age and Do NOT require a 01 FFL transfer. If you are of legal age and are legally allowed to purchase firearms you may buy one of these.
I am in San Jose.

German K98: $420 $380 SOLD!
Turkish Mausers Model 1893: $150 each or $200 for both! both SOLD! JTx
Mossberg Model 44 .22: SOLD
Hungarian M44 Mosin Nagant: (see post #7) $320 $280 SOLD


German K98 Mauser BNZ 1944
(Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, Steyr )
$420 shipped 1st to post “I’ll Take it” here gets it.

“Steyr had a contract with the Nazi SS, Steyr marked the receivers in different ways during 1944…
bnz 4, bnz 4. , and bnz 44. The bnz 44 is said to be the last lot of k98s to go to the SS. This rifle IS a bnz 44.”
This is also the first year Steyr used the “bnz shield”, a pretty cool marking on the barrel.
I found the above information on the Internet; we all know how valid info on the net can be, so please take what I wrote with a grain of salt!

The metal on the rifle is great! Very dark, typical Russian capture finish. Stock is just ok, no cracks or splits. Stock and hand-guard match nicely. I have not cleaned nor fired this rifle since I got it in January 2006. Parts electro force matched, Russian shellac.

More pictures:

Turkish Mausers Model 1893, re-barreled in the 1930’s
These are antique rifles.

Asking $150 each or both for $250 $200!!

I would rate the Condition of these rifles at poor; metal has no finish, some rust, and a plethora of Cosmoline.
The stocks are actually not too bad compared to the metal; the stock of the rifle on top is probably the better of the two as the one on the bottom has a large chunk missing from the lower butt. I have not fired these rifles and I do not know if I ever would… if you buy, please make sure you/or someone check them out thoroughly before firing them! With that said, these rifles have plenty of character. Remember, I am throwing in a bunch of cosmo for free! ;)

more pictures here:

Lots of information on Turkish Mausers on this web site here:


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I'll take it if still available. pm sent

09-02-2011, 4:08 PM
Mossberg Model 44 .22 US Government training rifle. >SPF to Eat Dirt
$280 SPF to Eat Dirt

Condition is good, no cracks or splits in the stock, metal finish is maybe 80-85%, bore looks good but it still needs to be cleaned. I have never fired this rifle.

Comes with an extra trigger guard, 1 magazine, peep site, and front site cover.

I could not figure out how to put the front site cover on and I couldn’t get the peep site to screw into the Mossberg micro-click sight… I’ll leave that up to the buyer to figure those issues out.

More pictures here:

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new rifle added to original post

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Mausers still available.

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New rifle added!

Hungarian M44 Mosin Nagant
$320 $280 1st "I'll take it" here in the post gets it!
For those who have regretted selling a gun, this will be mine.
That is why I am selling this one for a much higher price than a normal Russian M44, sorry.

This is an all matching Hungarian M44 made in Hungary in 1953.

I have not fired this rifle in almost 10 years, or I can’t recall firing it in the last 10 years anyway. It is in very good shape, you do not find very many of these like this. The original beech stock does not appear refurbished and does not have any significant sanding marks… finger groves are still very sharp. The import mark is on the barrel near the front site.

more pictures here:

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on sale now... prices slashed! ;)

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Turkish Mausers Model 1893: both SOLD! JTx

K98 and M44 SOLD