View Full Version : Thanks CalGuns, Ruger and others........

08-30-2011, 4:52 PM
This pass Aug. CalGuns shoot at On Target was my 1st. I shot my Mk II and some how the extractor sheared off. I don't know when but I would guess it was on my last shot? next day when I got around to cleaning my guns I notice it was missing.So cleaning your guns after use could save you some grief. So I search the threads found a thread by EM9SRed Beam with a link to Gun Talk with all the info. I called Ruger they sent me a new extractor free of charge!!! I just got it back together and I'm a Happy Camper.....Thanks
CalGuns, Ruger, Em9s, 03 Fat Boy and Dr. FrankenRuger!!!!

Roy :)