View Full Version : FNH TPS at Turners

01-23-2007, 5:32 PM
FNH TPS at Turners for $599 with c-more system..

Is this a good price for this in CA? I'm looking for a tactical

Any comments on FNH and the TPS? I like it a lot but never shot one..

02-02-2007, 3:12 PM
I've seen them for that price in my local gun shop as well. I've never shot the FN TPS but I do have a Wincester 1300, which is the FN TPS is but with a whole bunch of upgraded things such as barrel, stock, finish, etc. I like the 1300 a lot, fast follow up shots and light. I'm sure the TPS is even better with the option of chokes and sights

02-02-2007, 8:26 PM
FN is a good company and makes great products.

While the concept of the TPS is good, its role is limited.

This design was made primarily for LE officers who also use
an AR carbine for patrol. The idea was that the learning
curve for the officers was going to decrease since this was
similar to their rifle.

Have you considered the Remington 870 Police with a Mesa-Tactical
Buttstock System? For roughly the same price this is another option.