View Full Version : WTS - FAL 30rd metric rebuild kits. $70 shipped

08-27-2011, 10:45 AM
For sale are five 30rd metric rebuild kits for the FAL rifle. Although they are assembled in my picture, I will most assuredly disassemble them before shipping. These are original metric 30rd parts, not modified L1A1 or L4A1 (bren) mags. Three are blued and two appear to have been painted over the old bluing. My experience is that they work great with 27 or 28 rounds loaded instead of 30. I can almost guarantee that you will have trouble stripping the 29th and 30th rounds off the top of the mag. This is pretty much standard with the FAL 30rd mags. The price is $70 each including shipping. I accept discrete paypal (as a gift or + 4% for the fees), and USPS MO.


ETA: I have gotten some messages about the price. Sorry, but this is just how much original surplus, unmodified metric 30rd FAL mag parts go for, even in free states (to the best of my knowledge). If you can find some available for sale, I will match the price, whether they will ship to CA or not.

09-06-2011, 7:55 PM