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08-25-2011, 10:32 AM
SOLD – COLT 1911 .22LR Conversion Kit w/ (2) Mags
$440 SHIPPED USPS with Delivery Confirmation

I inherited this COLT .22LR Conversion Kit years ago from my Grandfather when he passed away.

He was into camping, shooting, and fast cars :-)
Gramps used to pack this along with his service WW2 1911A1 when he took me camping to McArthur-Burney Falls. I remember many camping trips when I used to sit on a Coleman cooler filled with Buds (and Coca-Cola), and watch him with total awe as he nailed steel beer cans set up on a log with his .45.

Then he'd swap the .45 top end over to the .22LR conversion kit, load up a mag, and carefully hand the pistol over to me so I could give it a try. The pistol seemed HUGE to me, and it was so heavy to rack a round into the chamber, but the whole time gramps was right behind me to control my “buck fever” and coach me on trigger control, sight alignment. Whenever I hit a can, I got big “atta boy” and a huge smile of accomplishment was across his camping stubble beard face.

This is an old kit with honest wear and tear that you'd expect out of something that is probably over 60 years old that's been in the wilderness camping more times than I can remember – I'd conservatively rate it at 90%. The pictures don't do it any justice – when you hold it in your hands, the COLT quality and Royal Blue shine right through. Gramps always cleaned it at the end of the shooting session, and as he cleaned it, I used to ask him to tell me some war stories. He told me some of the tamer war stories, usually of drinking with his comrads chasing women in Italy and France – at least the ones that were fit for an 8 year old boy. My grandma used to get PO's when she heard about the women chasing, and excused herself to take walks in the woods with my mother – LOL!!!

This kit is unique in that it has the “floating chamber” which was designed by David Marshall "Carbine" Williams, to mimic the recoil of a .45 round. It also has a fully adjustable target rear sight, an extra mag, and a COLT screwdriver for all the screws. I also have the COLT box he kept it in.

The ONLY reason I'm selling this is because of the economy - I have bills to pay...

This is conservatively graded and priced for a QUICK SALE.

Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions for Sale so that there are no misunderstandings:

$440 SHIPPED USPS with Delivery Confirmation

FIRST “I'll Take It” is my the rule of the day.

Payment ONLY via DISCREET PAYPAL/GIFT within 6 hours of “I'll Take It “or it goes back up!

After writing I'll Take It” to this thread, PM me IMMEDIATELY with your Ship To address, as well as your e-mail address, so that after you pay I can scan you a copy of the USPS Paperwork payment details.

If you don't PM me, the conversion kit will still be available for sale!!!

Note: 3:15 PM - Guys, I've got all your PM's requesting close up photos. I've taken some more and I hope they're satisfactory. I'm having problems with reflections off of the oil, and lint off of the cotton cloth each time I wipe off my fingerprints!!! I don't profess to be a photographer ;-)


08-25-2011, 2:33 PM
I'll take it. Pm sent

08-25-2011, 2:54 PM
SOLD to wperng

Shipping 8/26 in the AM.
Scan of USPS Paperwork to be sent to your e-mail address!

08-26-2011, 1:25 AM
2nd in line if deal fails!