View Full Version : WTB: Fake shotgun shells

Mesa Tactical
08-25-2011, 9:36 AM
We are looking for a home reloader who would be interested in selling us about 100 fake 12 gauge shotgun shells.

We make on-gun shell carriers and as a rule we do not store live ammunition anywhere near our display shotguns. So we have in the past produced fake shotgun shells with the heft and feel of real shells to demonstrate our shell carriers. We also use these fake shotgun shells at trade shows like the SHOT Show. Snap caps don't work for us because the texture is not the same as a real shotshell.

The shotshells we need will have the following characteristics:

o Relatively clean, unblemished plastic hulls and untarnished brass;

o Fully loaded with buckshot or birdshot and wadding;

o No powder;

o No primer! (very important; SHOT Show does not allow primers, even dimpled primers).

We'd like the shotshells presented in plastic 20-shell cases. We would also prefer to work with someone local to us here in Costa Mesa or Orange County, if possible.

We would like to pay $2.00 per shell for birdshot, $2.25 per shell for 00 buckshot, including cases.

If you are interested, please don't use Calguns PM. Instead, e-mail us at info@mesatactical.com . First serious reply within 25 miles of us gets the order. Otherwise we'll look further afield.