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08-23-2011, 3:18 PM
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The NRA Members Council of Santa Clara County will hold a New Shooters event on Saturday, September 10. The event begins with a gun safety lecture from an NRA-certified instructor. Students then proceed to the range for roughly 50 minutes of hands-on experience with a variety of handguns. (Some rifles are also available for students interested in trying those out.)

The only expense to the student is a nominal range fee, plus a possible small additional expense if the student needs to acquire eye/ear protection from us.

We're doing this as part of our outreach to people who are not familiar with the United States' firearms culture.

Space is limited, so participation is by reservation only. If you know of a new or novice shooter who would be interested in some one-on-one hands-on shooting instruction by a bunch of friendly, experienced NRA gunnies, please forward the following PDF to that person: