View Full Version : Optic for HK/PTR 91 or FAL?

08-22-2011, 4:31 PM
Well folks, my old HK/G3/FAL clones haven't gotten much love since we got our ARs back. Back when I bought them, iron sights they came with were just fine and dandy. Now that my eyes have turned into astigmatic pieces o ****, I'm looking at putting some optics on these older black rifles to try and make them fun to shoot (for me) again. I'd be feeding them cheap 147 grain milsurp.

I was thinking of everything from 1-4x20 to maybe a garden variety 3x9 hunting scope. Nothing too pricey because if I can't make 'em fun to shoot, off to gunbroker they go-i'm not in the business of collecting anymore.

What say ye calgunners?

08-22-2011, 7:18 PM
Hensoldt ZF Model ONE Scope Kit ($435 or so) for the PTR. Mine works great.
FAL? Mine still runs irons. I could never find any love when choosing a mount. YMMV.

08-26-2011, 9:15 PM
I am looking at either the Leatherwood CMR (http://swfa.com/Leatherwood-1-4x24-CMR-Tactical-30mm-Rifle-Scope-P48497.aspx) or a Redfield (http://www.redfield.com/riflescopes/)3-9x40mm for my FAL. I have a Redfield 4-12x40mm on an AR 20" varminter and I have nothing but love for that setup. But I am also running a LaRue QD104 mount which is the ****. I pull that thing off, pop it back on and I am still zeroed.

Obviously a Plant
08-26-2011, 9:29 PM
I have a Trijicon 1.25 x 4 Accupoint on my FAL with the DSA extreme duty mount . Likely a little more than you want to spend new, but I see both come up used for reasonable prices... the longer eye relief keeps me from getting a black eye and I find the glowing triangle quicker and simpler to sight in on than a standard crosshair...

08-27-2011, 1:44 PM
oh poop! That 4x Hensoldt rocks! A lot more than I want to spend but it sure would be appropriate, especially for an HK that was born and bred in Deutchland.

I have 3x9s on the FAL ans G3 but I need to cannibalize those for use on a couple of bolt guns. I do like Trijicons tho.. Hmm, an excuse to get a couple of used accupoints fron fellow calgunners. Guess I better take a third job..