View Full Version : I have a question about my Leupold MK 4 Tactical M3 scope

08-22-2011, 3:08 PM
My scope is an older Leupold Tactical Mark4 M3 10X which I purchased in 2003 for 1,400.
In order for me to hear the audio-clicks from the adjustment knobs I need to put my ear close to the knob I'm turning and then it's still difficult. Even the notches are not very deliberate in fact if I sneeze I may skipp several notches. So my question: Is this normal ? My son has a Leupold with audio clicks and I can hear the clicks from 10 feet away?
Please, if anyone knows or owns this scope could you help me understand as I paid alot of $ for this scope. . .

Thanks, Jackbolt

08-22-2011, 4:01 PM
If the clicks are mushy you can try to take the knobs off to see if there's excess grease under them. Otherwise send it in to Leupold as something isn't right.