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Gun has been retracted from sale.

Asking $1200

A complete rifle that is outstanding as is, and will shine with the addition of optics.

This Is an EXCELLENT rifle. First off, it only has about 200 or 300 rounds through it. ONE OWNER, myself, who has religiously cleaned this rifle after every outing (but not over cleaned). I always clean from the breach, as to not damage the crown, to ensure it stays accurate. Only quality brass ammunition has been fired from this rifle. I have not fired the rifle more than one shot every five seconds, usually 10 to 20 seconds in between shots, and a few minutes in between ten round magazines. You can expect this barrel to be in LIKE NEW condition.

Mechanically, this gun is TOP OF THE LINE. The BravoCompany Brand has been documented to run over 30 thousand rounds, while maintaining acceptable accuracy and flawless function.

Aesthetically, the rifle is beautiful. The Colors compliment each other, and remind me of camouflage… which was my inspiration for the build.

Ergonomically, this rifle balances SUPERBLY. This is a mid-weight rifle, I would say it’s weight is between 7and 8lbs, and when mounted, the rifle balances between your forward and rear hand (as it should). The cheek weld from the ACS is excellent, and the friction lock takes out the rattle of experienced by other stocks. The Length of Pull is adjustable for shooter size. The MIAD pistol grip has interchangeable back straps to match the shooters hand size.

ON PAPER- I have only shot this rifle on paper once. It was using a Red Dot Sight, at 50 yards, benched with a front sand bag only, without a lot of mental concentration. It grouped a little over 1MOA (keep in mind I have bad vision), using the Wal-Mart Federal 100 round pack. I am sure, that with a better shooter, optic, ammunition, or sand bag rest, this rifle could be capable of .5-.75MOA ACURRACY. Many reviews online confirm this for this rifle.

ANY way you slice it, this is the rifle to choose. It makes me sad to see her go, but I know she will go to a rifleman who appreciates her.


Bravo Company USA Upper= 5.56 Chamber, Stainless Steel, 16’’ Barrel, Mid length gas system, 1/8 twist rifling.

Bravo Company USA Bolt Carrier Group (full auto weight for added reliability)

Bravo Company USA Gun Fighter Charging Handle = Designed for “tactical” charging of rifle

Troy Industries TRX Extreme 9” Free Float Rail – Lightest AND Strongest free float rail, which adds to accuracy. Comes with three sections of rail that can be attached for adding lights, lasers, vertical fore grips, etc...

Magpul MBUS Rear Sight- Light Weight, dual aperture, MagPul Tough

Spikes Tactical Color Fill Lower- very cool with safe, semi, and full auto markings (although it won’t go FA)

Mil Spec Receiver Extension

Mil Spec MagPul ACS Stock- Allows storage, balances medium weight barrel, great cheek weld, storage room, friction lock

MagPul MIAD Pistol Grip- allows storage, and interchangeable back straps to fit your hand

Radd Lock Magazine Lock- tool allows quick change to normal magazine button for out of state use.

DPMS Lower Parts Kit

Accu Wedge- Tightens fit between Upper and Lower Receivers, thus increasing the firearms accuracy.

Painted with Krylon Ultra-Flat Camouflage- Olive Drab color, paint can included in sale for future paint touch up's. Cheap, but does the job.

Any Questions, PM me. I assure you that no finer gun can be found on Calguns.

ASKING $1200

Located In Santa Clarita California, 91350.

Willing to do the transfer at Oak Tree Gun Club (Santa Clarita), or PD Gunsupply (San Fernando)

Buyer Pays Transfer Fee's.

Willing to drive farther, or ship the rifle to an FFL gun dealer, for the right deal.

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