View Full Version : Is there a thread to put your name on a cleanup volunteer list

08-19-2011, 3:23 PM
I was curious if there was a thread or a list, members could sign up on in relation to their geographic location, willingness to travel and availabilty. If a thread like this exists I didn't see it and i'll just delete this.

For example I'm Jason, I live near Long Beach and I can travel as far as an hour or two from LB. I'm in CA every three months so i am available to help whenever im in town.

I usually go up the 14 near the mojave to shoot and have done so for years. My uncle who took us always made sure we policed out brass and took as as much of the trash as humanly possible. I live in NY now Manhattan to be exact so no firearms for me, so its a treat for me to come back and go out for a few days with some friends. I was disheartened to see our old shooting area in the mojave trashed to shat, I'm not going to say I've policed 100% of my brass in the last 20 years but we try.

08-19-2011, 4:50 PM
No thread - Every so often someone would organized a clean up day -