View Full Version : Precision Reloading...

01-16-2007, 4:41 PM
Thoughts about Head space guages, OAL guages, and Comparitors.

Any body use any of these? If so lets hear what you have to say, i would love some more insight on realoading.

01-16-2007, 8:17 PM
I use the Stoney Point headspace gauge and OAL gauge. They work well. I don't use their bullet comparator because it doesn't line up right when installed on my caliper. I use a Sinclair comparator instead and it works fine.

There are ways to determine headspace and seating depth without these tools, but it's so much easier to use the gauges. I don't think there's any way around the comparator if you're using typical HPBT match bullets. Get 'em all, they're worth having.