View Full Version : 44-40 Henry(Uberti) 1860 accuracy

01-16-2007, 2:08 PM
I was shooting my Henry w/ facotory-loaded 44-40 (Winchester, 205Gr FN) ammo, and I was getting group size of 6" at 50yrd. Then I read somewhere that 44-40 bullet is dimension at .427", and from the Cimarron web site the bore size of Henry 1860 is .429". I'm thinking: the barrel is oversized for the caliber. To test my finding, I handloaded some .429" rounds (Speer 180gr FN, 8gr Unique), and I reduced the 10rd group size to 3" at 100yrds. With .429" 205gr bullets (7.5gr unique), the 10rd group size is about 6" at 100yrds. So apparently, Uberti is using the same reamer to cut the 44mag and 44-40 barrels.