View Full Version : Slow Motion Flintlock Strike

01-15-2007, 5:38 PM
I'm on one of the BP lists and this email came across the list today. I thought a few of you would appreciated seeing it as it is really good photography.

I recently worked with Olympus High Speed Imaging to take super slow motion
videos of flintlocks. My plan is to place them on my web site. Until then
I decided to place one of the slow motion shots on youtube. The following
link will take you to it:


The shot is a large Siler, new chipped flint, Swiss Null b priming powder,
5000 frames/sec, color camera. The rest of the shots will be published on

On their website they write :

This lock has been timed many times by computer over the last 20 years. It averages .0388 seconds from the time the sear trips until the pan ignites.