View Full Version : AGI AK assembly video

01-14-2007, 9:38 AM
Since I've got an AK series build on the back burner, I rented the AGI AK assembly video from www.smartflix.com (formerly http://technicalvideorental.com), and it's been really informative.

It goes through pretty good detail on lots of low-level stuff, including bending a flat, installing rivets, etc. There's also a lot of detail on how to check for good parts kit quality, what wear to look for, how to check for fit and function, etc.

For folks who are completely inexperienced with AKs (like me), and who aren't machinists (also like me), it's a good investment in $10.

If you buy the video from AGI, it comes with drawings for special tools and fixtures, flat hole placement, etc, and the rental video doesn't include those, but if you're just looking for an overview of what goes into receiver construction and kit assembly, it's worth a watch.

www.smartflix.com has quite a few other gun related videos, as well as a variety of other technical and hobby videos. I'd recommend checking them out.

01-14-2007, 10:54 AM
I've used www.smartflix.com , they are an excellent company, I highly reccomend them. I've rented many videos from them and will continue to do so.