View Full Version : 870 Tactical and 556 Patrol Purchased in KM!

08-08-2011, 9:05 PM
Hey Bill and Turner's Folk-

I just wanted to say what a great deal your Wednesday and weekly ads have been, my friend had almost purchased a little MP-5 .22 because he thought it looked neat, but I convinced him that if he really indeed wanted a real weapon that could actually bring something down, he'd better have a shotgun, and a real rifle.

Enter the Remington 870 Tactical and the Sig 556 Patrol, both of which were in the weekly ad for the past week, and BOTH of which my friend purchased on layaway due to my emphatic texts stating, THOSE ARE KILLER DEALS!!

So now my friend has a killer pump shottie and a killer .556 rifle, for all those incidentals that might come up when his P226 is not nearby.

Thanks again for some great deals and for taking care of your customers! I wished I'd had a Turner's circular when I purchased my 556 Swat and 870 and 1100 tacticals! :)

-Caleb in SD