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01-13-2007, 6:30 PM
Hello everyone! Have another question, after finding out about OLLs from this site and many of the fine people here. Iv'e decided to build my first OLL to keep my bushmaster company. I went out today as a matter of fact to buy a Lower and it was a company Iv'e never heard of "Double Star", tryed to get a stag lower because it seems to be the most popular, but was sold out. So if anybody has anything good or bad to say about this company I'd like to hear your opinion, Thanks!

For those of you that responded to my last post about reconfiguring my postban registered AW Thanks! My CCaRD is smokin' right now because of you guys, but my rifle is going to be happy! :D

01-13-2007, 6:39 PM
The first two lowers I bought were Doublestars. Since then, I have purchased RRA, Spikes and Sabre Defense. I like the Doublestar the best. The finish is a good match to the CMT uppers and the Bushmaster C7 upper I purchased. It is also very cleanly made. No problems with it whatsoever, one is at the heart of my most expensive (over 3g with scope) AR. Don't worry about Doublestar.

01-13-2007, 6:51 PM
I have two. They're just fine.

01-13-2007, 6:57 PM
I had 2 as well. I sold both to fund more ambitious projects.

Mine had baked on epoxy-like finish, and what looked like stamped roll markings. The newer ones I have seen have more of a mil-spec "chalky" finish and what looks like machined markings. Either way, my Stag uppers fit better on those Doublestar lowers than they do Stag lowers.

01-13-2007, 6:59 PM
it will make a good rifle

01-13-2007, 7:50 PM
My first (and so far only) OLL is a Double Star. Very high quality.

Blacktail 8541
01-13-2007, 8:09 PM
I have a Double Star. Stag, & 2 Megas. The Megas are my favorites, but there is nothing wrong with the DS.

01-13-2007, 8:16 PM
I've got a Double Star build, and they're nice. I really like the finish.

01-13-2007, 8:31 PM
I have one and it is very nice. Finish was pretty good.

01-13-2007, 8:38 PM
I have one and it is very nice. Finish was pretty good.

+1. Double Star is very good