View Full Version : F/S New Leupold LPS 2.5-10 x 45mm scope with 30mm tube.

08-06-2011, 12:11 PM
*** SOLD ***

For sale is a new in the box Leupold LPS 2.5-10 x 45mm rifle scope with 30mm tube. It is a great rifle scope with a larger tube than most scopes out there which are 1" tubes and with the 45mm objective it sits low to the rifle not much higher than a 40 and no so big as a 50mm objective. The combination of the 30mm tube and the 45mm objective gives you the effectiveness in terms of light collecting capability roughly equivalent to a 1" tubed scope with a 50mm or larger objective. These LPS scopes are some of the Leupold top of the lines scopes. You can check out reviews on them for more information. This is new in the box. It was mounted on a rifle for a short time but never fired and then returned to the factory box with cover and papers. E-mail me with any questions. I accept PayPal only and ship only to US addresses, no APO or cash for local pickup. Asking $650 shipped or best offer. Thanks for looking!