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Ryan in SD
08-06-2011, 3:11 AM

This has been my baby for a while but it is time to find a new gun to play with.
I have more rifles than pistols and would like to trade for a Glock 27, other pistols considered.

I put about 400 rounds through this AK. I personally cut and crowned the barrel down to 14.5" and permanently attached an ak74 style muzzle brake which greatly reduces felt recoil. It is pinned and welded on. It shoots straight and the sights are spot on. It comes with one of my prototype bullet buttons.

Underneath the matte black duracoat is a phosphate coating for extra rust resistance. This thing looks great with newer furniture but as it stands, it will come with the original dark used wood. It is built on an AK builder flat and is a Romanian kit from 1974.

Head space is around .003" which is way into the "safe side".

It will come with 2 tapco 10/30s and a double magazine pouch. Also has an american made muzzle brake and trigger group for 922r compliance.

I have an FFL guy that will do $35 transfers up here in oceanside.

Price drop to $400 but I prefer to trade for a glock 27.

Ryan in SD
08-10-2011, 2:15 PM

$450 for gun, $35 for transfer in Oceanside.

Legit AK47 with combloc 14.5" cut and crowned barrel, don't miss out.

Ryan in SD
08-14-2011, 1:18 PM
BTT, lots of people flaking.

Price drop. Bills.