View Full Version : FS: Brand new Factory Glock 38 & 39 Magazines

08-05-2011, 3:58 PM
I`m selling a brand new factory Glock 38 and 39 45G.A.P magazines.

Glock 38 (8 rounds )
Glock 39 (6 rounds)

$19.95 each shipped. Insurance optional (Paypal +3%)

If paying as a Paypal gift, just pay $19.95 make sure pm me your full name and shipping address since it will not appear on my Paypal account list if paying as gift.

I`m new to this forum, but I`m a member of GLOCKTALK.COM with the same user name : AWGD8

My Ebay user name is FLORENDO888 (100%) positive rating.

Here is the original post from Glocktalk.com