View Full Version : How to tell between older Beretta 92f mags

08-04-2011, 4:55 PM
What I'm trying to do is to tell the difference between my dads older 92F magazines, and some newer magazines that I've bought for him. A total of 4 were in his collection. 2 of them had PB stamped on the bottom of the floorplates, and the bottom lip of said floorplates is a bit thicker. The other 2 have no stamps on the bottom, and the lip is thinner.

See, my dad passed away recently " Rest in peace dad, " and its now mines, I'll look up the how to transfer thread later, but I'd like to keep all of his 92F stuff original and to separate the newer ones for range use, while the original can stay at home for keepsakes. Are there any Beretta experts that can help me out?

Edit, My dads 92f was bought back in the 1980's, roughly 1987-1989. They have made in Italy stamps everywhere.

08-04-2011, 5:24 PM
I will only talk of marks on the actual magazine, since the bottom plates really tell you nothing.

A PB mark is a mag made for Beretta by MDS. MDS also has the same magazine marked with their name. MecGar also makes great magazines for Beretta 92/96 series. MecGars typically have a shinier paint with plastic lower. All are great.

For range use, unless ANY of the mags you have give you FTL issues, I wouldn't sort them out..

For SD, stay with MDS/Stock or MecGar.

(And I have a 92F gun also, it's cool, but not worth more $ than a stock 92FS..)