View Full Version : SOLD RARE Black Pinnacle Tactical Armor Makers of Dragonskin SIZE S-M

Big bug
08-03-2011, 7:00 PM
First of all to clear things up. This is made by Pinnacle the same company that makes Dragonskin. However, THIS PARTICULAR PIECE is not Dragonskin (no scales)
What it is:
It is a very rare hard to find Tactical Body Armor with Full Coverage and Neck Protection. Molle throughout for additional carry capability.
Full Twaron (for better weight, better protection from contact shots,
The design is very well made and the condition is almost brand new since it was a safe queen.
SOV-3000 3A+ Black Small - Medium size 28-32 waist (adaptable) 36-40 chest.
If I hadn't gotten fat I would keep it. I have since moved up to large.


Looking for 1911's, HK's, AK, SAIGA 12 in trade If you think you have something interesting please feel free to pm me.