View Full Version : WTS: Glock 22 mag, slide release, guide rod (San Diego)

08-03-2011, 4:49 PM
At the Del Mar gun show in July I picked up some Glock parts in anticipation of a purchase. I decided against the new gun so I don't have any particular need for the parts.

Glock 22 10rnd Magazine $25
Stainless steel guide rod $25
Extended slide stop lever (black) $15
All 3 for $60

The guide rod and slide stop have not been opened, the magazine was opened and loaded to start break in of the spring. All were purchased from the GlockStore booth. The guide rod and slide stop lever will also fit a 17 or 34.

Price is FTF in the San Diego area, will toss in the box of .40 S&W for $10 since I don't have anything to shoot it with if you buy all 4.
All 3 + ammo for $70

Willing to ship all but the ammo for direct shipping cost +3% for paypal.

Will update tomorrow (8/4) with pictures.