View Full Version : WTS complete matching CCW belt, holster, pouch set Bulman Gunleather

08-03-2011, 12:12 PM
I have sold my 1911 commander so I have some gear I don't need anymore - Matt Del Fatti
is in my opinion the best, however Some of the
Josh Bulman
stuff I own is of that same caliber & the quality between those 2 makers is nearly the same (perfect).

The matching BLACK set consists of

1. 1.25" snap-removable holster (model : QRH)
2. 1.25" snap-removable mag pouch (model : SMP)
3. 1.25" x 41" lined belt (model : UGB)

You can verify prices @ www.bulmangunleather.com -
I paid about $350 for the whole set & I am asking $500_shipped
I waited eons to receive it. The gunleather was worn as a set once. I wore the belt several more times, there are NO wearmarks on any of the leather & everything presents as like new. You can actually carry the commander 1911 & extra magazine comfortably on a 1.25" belt. I was surprised @ the amount of support the 1.25" allows. I would consider selling or trading the set. I have to justify buying a new HK somehow & thinning the gunleather collection may have to be the best bet. Let me know if this set is of interest to you.
I will be happy to either send pictures through eMail or phone message.