08-02-2011, 11:42 AM
Hello, I've been a member here for awhile but never have posted. I've been active on other Gunboards. I just sold off a bunch of Lewis Gun parts and have this crate left. Due to its size and weight I thought I might try a California local forum.


I have here a wood storage crate that could be used for either the British M1914 Lewis Auto Gun or Vickers MG. I don't know how old the crate is, whether if it is from the W.W. I era or W.W. II. The crate has been painted olive drab and has the name LEWIS M.G. stenciled on top. I do know that the paint and stenciling go back to before 1961. Whether it was done by importers or by the British is unknown.

The crate is still solid. The outside looks pretty good due to the paint. Inside shows its age and looks complete with the smell of cosmoline and grease. No rope handles as they have long since rotted away.

I'm looking to sell this crate for $150. Due to its weight and size I'm looking for someone local so if you are near the So Cal area near the Knott's Berry Farm area in Orange County you can pick it up. I will be going to UPS in the near future to mail some packages so I will ask them about shipping something like this and if its reasobable to ship I may be open to shipping this crate. I just don't want the shipping cost to be as much as the crate.

I'm open for trades for this as well. Do you have an extra Mosin Nagant refurb you can part with, a Japanese T-38 or T-99, any kind of Mauser. What do you have?

I do have a current 03 C&R.

Thank you,