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08-01-2011, 10:27 PM
I purchased this Yankee Hill Machine AR Upper well over a year ago and have yet to shoot it. I've cycled rounds through the receiver but NOTHING has ever been fired from it (I am the sole owner of it). YHM Price states $920.00 for the fluted barrel, this is NOT fluted, but be advised that the model is sold out on their website. In addition, the upper has flip up front and rear sights. I've disassembled the entire upper recently and the gas rings hold a seal. The only signs of the upper being used is when the round was ejected from the bolt extractor (some bullet casing coloring). But once again - this upper has never had a round fired through it. I also took the liberty of adding a larger charging handle lever to the charging handle to make it easier with or without gloves on.

In addition, I am also selling my three metal 10/20 round magazines with the MagPul ranger plates as well as the standard bottoms that come with the mags in case you don't like MagPul. These mags were purchased legally in CA and are permanently modified to hold 10 rounds only and no more. These mags as well have had rounds cycled through them but nothing more, no firing, no abuse, no wear or tear.

These items will be shipped from Orange County, CA. I have to sell them due a baby on the way and the need to free up some cash. I bought everything and basically never got around to shooting it due to other activities (school and starting a family) and the expenses that go along with them. Asking $900.00 total for all listed items. The cost will include shipping at whatever the most basic standard rate is that I can find. If you want it shipped faster, the cost will have to rise unfortunately. In regards to glock_this' comment I apologize for the bad pictures, and respectfully agree that you should look on the website for better pictures.

I may possible be selling an AR MagPul handle that holds spare AA batteries (not included) and a spare firing pin (not included). I will update this thread with the model and pix when I can get to the firearm.

If you want specific pictures or further details please let me know and I can send the pix via email. Respond to this thread and we will establish contact outside the forum out of respect of the rules and regulations.


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The OPs picture of this upper cannot do it justice, check out the YHM website as they are super nice. I have one and love it - most anyone should be stoked to have this upper. The hand guards are a piece of work alone & they come complete.

08-03-2011, 6:21 PM