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07-31-2011, 11:43 AM
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give an update on some of our current and future initiatives.

ZK Gas Piston Uppers:

We are finally in production and working on getting back-orders shipped out. We plan on shipping the first set of 15 current back-orders in the next two weeks, and more will be shipped each week after that until we are caught up with our current back-orders, which we anticipate should be around mid to late September barring any issues or unexpected delays.

We have discontinued the Combat Carbine and Patrol Carbine models since over 80% of our current orders are for the different mid-length models we offer. We will have spare carbine piston rods and we plan on introducing a 12.5" SBR model that will be utilizing the Carbine Piston Rod, so for those customers who have purchased the carbine models, do not be concerned, we will have spare carbine piston rods in case you need one. and all the other piston parts are the same as the mid-length so do not worry if you need a spare part.

We are currently not taking any new backorders for ZK Gas Piston Uppers until we are pretty well caught up with our current back-orders, which should be September.

New Website:

We are currently working on revamping our website, which will be more focused on our core Addax Products we manufacture or build, plus we will still be selling products like Magpul stocks, Tactical Intent Stocks, Phase 5 Tactical products, and a few other key manufacturers products that compliment our line of products.

Forum Member Discount

We are going to be eliminating the Forum Member Discount program since we cannot match many of the on-line retailers that constantly blow out products at very very low prices, and in some cases at our cost, and we are not in the business to sell products at cost. We will try to remain competitive with our parts and accessories prices, and we will concentrate on providing special "Group Buy Deals" for the Calguns.net members for our Addax Tactical Products in the near future.

Military/Law Enforcement Discounts

We will still provide a Military / Law Enforcement discount for the following:

Active and Retired Members of the Military or Law Enforcement
Active Government Employees
Active Firefighters and EMT's

That is it for now.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email: sales@addaxtactical.com

Thank you,

Addax Tactical