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01-10-2007, 2:10 PM
http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r182/wiskeypapa57/temp/flareguns.jpgI let my son shoot off our 12 g flares for New's years eve. The flares were >5 years old and past exp. date. so maybe that explains it, but... the plastic Orion gun was a joke. The firing pin wouldn't hit the primer (plastic frame to barrel had expanded and gap too far) Once we got it to fire, the flares were very short burn and low altitude (wouldn't want to count my being rescued on them) I count more on radio and GPS (I take 2 of each for a backup) but I'm required to have signal flares on the boat by USCG rules and no argument there. I saw an HK metal barrel 25mm flare gun on Sportsmansguide website ... they won't ship to CA of course. Before I go to the trouble to have a friend reship it. Is $49 a good price? (gun only flares are more) Do these 25mm really work better than the 12 guage? they say 7 sec burn w 375' alt. Are 25 mm legal for civilians? This is off season, at least for what I fish for, so not in a hurry. I suppose a 37mm magnesium parachute shot from an M4 would be very effective, but I'm serious here. Thanks.

01-10-2007, 2:27 PM
The only decent marine flares are the ones in the big paper towel size tubes. However, they are not intuitive as to how you activate them. Make sure you've tried one before you really need it.


01-10-2007, 3:14 PM
Try Dans Ammo, they got them and they ship to CA..


01-10-2007, 3:27 PM
Stevie - thanks for the link to Dansammo. SG couldn't ship a micrometer sight for an Enfield No4 to me/CA but would ship a detachable mag for a "SKS" ???
Hoffmag - I was looking at those tube launchers at West Marine last weekend and was imagining just how those could cause injury if used wrong.
+1 on practice before the real thing. The first time I had to use a simple fire extinguisher was in a L/D crisis. It wasn't as simple as one might think.