View Full Version : LC9 Day one thoughts and Bersa 380 comp

07-29-2011, 12:39 AM
So I just got my LC9 home and I was about to break it down and clean it up when I thought to compare it to my wife's Bersa 380.

Some quick thoughts. The long trigger pull that people are complaining about... I've been thinking about this and my thought is that in a combat situation would you even notice? This isn't a target gun. If you pull the trigger fast, you don't notice so much and that is the way it would be used right?

Other thoughts. The LC9 seemed much slimmer but I think that is really the grips. The gun it's self seems to be about the same exact size as the Bersa. I was going to say that the Bersa felt better in the hand but once again, grips. I'm looking to use this as a front pocket carry and the LC9 with it's "melted" details just felt smoother.

Here are some pics for your perusal.






07-29-2011, 12:58 AM
This is really helpful - I've got a Bersa that I routinely pocket-carry - many say its too big, and it might be, but I do it anyway. Sometimes I carry it in an IWB holster. I've flirted with an LC9, and have had the impression that it's slightly smaller but that it carries more easily than the Bersa. I think I'm waiting for a SA/DA LC9.

Please share any other thoughts/impressions on actually carrying these two. My Bersa often seems just a smidge too big, and the LC9 seems to lack that smidge. How does the weight compare?