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07-27-2011, 8:23 PM
Introducing: Adams Arms 5.56 Midlength Evo Ultra Lite Piston Upper - 16

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The ALL NEW Adams Arms AR-15 5.56 16″ Carbine Length Evolution UltraLight Upper is the lightest gas piston system on the market! Weighing in at only 4.5lbs, the ultra lightweight design makes this a perfect fit for the serious shooter, a 3-gun competition shooter or the AR-15 enthusiast!


Melonite coated barrel: Melonite coating reduces internal barrel friction which extends the barrel life. Melonite coating also improves accuracy due to tighter coating tolerances and improves muzzle velocity by over 100 FPS. With no chrome lining to flake or peel over time, these melonited barrels will outlast hard chrome lined barrels two to one!
Low profile lightened gas piston system
Lightweight design: Weighing in at only 4.5lbs it is the lightest gas piston accessorized upper on the market. Period!
Adams Arms Competition Muzzle Brake: This industry leading front compensator allows the shooter to stay on target, eliminates muzzle rise and significantly reduces recoil allowing for faster follow up shots.
First and only .625 gas piston system and upper
Modular tubular design: The only tubular modular upper on the market (other than Adams Arms very own competition upper.)
Samson Evolution Ultra Light rail: The Samson Evolution Series rail is the next step forward in free floating hand guards. Light weight and durable these offer the perfect upgrade for 3 gun shooters, LE/Military or weekend enthusiasts alike. The 1.8 facetted O.D .offers a comfortable shooting platform while not being to large for most shooters. Accessory rails can be added or removed easily to adapt the hand guard to your needs (units can also be mounted at 45 degree offsets).

Additional Specs:

Adams Arms 5.56 x 45 16″ Carbine Length Evolution Ultra Lite
Model: 5.56 Evo Lite Upper
Caliber: 5.5645MM
Chamber: 5.56 NATO
Barrel Length: 16″
Barrel Profile: Light Contour
Gas System: Midlength Length
Fore Arm: Samson Evolution 9″ EX
Rail Length: 9″
Flash Hider: Competition Brake
Overall Length: 25.5″
Overall Weight: 4lbs 8oz

http://www.rainierarms.com/img/shop/product/96dbd6230bd727c4574ea7c8d8429f6f.jpg (http://www.rainierarms.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=2783)

http://www.rainierarms.com/img/shop/product/dfaf1c074fb7a4ddf9c77bb009a122ef.jpg (http://www.rainierarms.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=2783)

http://www.rainierarms.com/img/shop/product/db6aa57dccc45745c3f36278826aab24.jpg (http://www.rainierarms.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=2783)

http://www.rainierarms.com/img/shop/product/16f5455c10003ed7324852702dc3e6c1.jpg (http://www.rainierarms.com/?page=shop/detail&product_id=2783)