View Full Version : WTS RRA Predator 20 upper complete

01-09-2007, 12:00 AM
Edit---Sold. Thanks for looking-------

OK, I posted a price check on this a few days ago and I think the buyer I had set up backed out with cold feet. It seemed that the general opinion of the value of these things (set from the factory minus my extras I'm throwing in) is about $500 used. I know that they go for $600 on their web site.

I have a like new (100 rounds black hills ammo only through it) RRA Predator upper with complete bolt assembly, gas buster charging handle, RRA detachable sight tower, RRA A3 carry handle and 1 piece Colt stamped scope base.

I would like to get $550 for the package including shipping to your door.
I am not really interested in breaking up the parts but I would sell the upper minus the bolt group and other goodies for $400 if nobody is interested in the complete package.

I have to fund a Oly 9mm upper and other goodies I'm trying to buy :D

I prefer money order due to pay-pal cahrging that % to cash out ;)

I will post pics just as soon as I can get to my digital cammera and throw them up online but it might take a few days. You can find pics on their web site that still don't do this thing justice. I was impressed with the quality of these things.

01-09-2007, 6:04 AM
:D PM Sent.