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Black Majik
01-08-2007, 7:58 PM
Yes, it's going to be another Benelli vs. Beretta thread. Sorry guys, but this time I need some help. I'm looking for a semi-auto shotgun, and I've read all the pros and cons of each manufacturer. I'm creating this thread to make it a little more personalized for me.

The shotgun is mainly going to be for clays (mainly trap). I don't hunt. All the threads I've read about Beretta vs. Benelli says that the Beretta is more of a clay gun while the Benelli is more of a field/hunting gun. I know the Beretta is gas-operated while the Benelli is inertia operated. Thus, the Beretta has lower recoil.

For my criteria, however... I want a light gun, and a gun of little recoil. By the third round, I'm usually getting tired and my score drops a little. Right now I'm shooting a 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge. It's primarily the weight of the gun that slows me down by the end of the day. Secondly, semi-autos are known to recoil less than pump guns.

I'm looking for:

1) Lightweight
2) low recoil
3) fiber optic sight

Both are known to be reliable so that's a moot point.

The two models I looked at were the Beretta 391 Teknys vs. Benelli's Montefeltro Silver. And, after holding both, I'm completely torn. The Beretta has be reputed to have the lightest recoil, while the Benelli is lighter. So theres where I'm torn. Both feel lighter than my 870. While comparing these two guns, there were pros and cons between the two guns. Comparing fiber optic sights, I liked the Berettas larger and longer fiber optic compared to Benelli's skinnier and shorter FO. The Benelli definitely felt much better though. I liked the thinner forearm and the stock seemed to be a little shorter which fit me nicer. Pointability was very similar, with the Benelli edging the lead. Comparing both back to back however, neither was the clear winner.

Beretta 391 Pros:

- gas operated for less recoil
- Better fiber optic sights
- Extended choke tubes

Beretta 391 cons
- Heavier
- Not as smooth action as the Benelli
-Plastic triggerguard
- Fatter forearm

Benelli Montefeltro Pros

- Lighter than 391
- Gun felt better to me
- Looks nicer
- Smoother action
- Feels better constructed.

Benelli Montefeltro Cons

- More recoil
- Skinny FO sights are kind of a joke. The middle bead covers up the front FO sight
- Plastic triggerguard

I don't need the fancier silver receiver. But the Beretta's Teckny's has the FO sight while the regular Urika doesn't. For this gun, I want to try a FO sight. I've shot using a green fiber optic sight on my dad's 686, and I liked it a lot.

There was one thing I was pretty disappointed with on both guns, and that was the plastic triggerguard. It just detracts away from the gun so much. Especially with the silver receivers I looked at, the black plastic triggerguard looked like a pimple on the prom queen.

So here I am, liking both. Beretta has the low recoil of the gas operating system going for it. Benelli is noticeably lighter and nicer IMO.

I'm completely lost on which to go for. Any advise with the criteria given?

Thanks :)

01-08-2007, 11:40 PM
For me the fiber optic sight would be the least important you can upgrade/change either one for very little cash. Both are good guns.

Go to a trap range with a pro shop and ask the local pro to help you with mounting the gun and correct sight picture with both then decide.

Good luck and smoke the clays

01-09-2007, 9:35 AM
I have a legacy in 20ga. Go benelli. It is lighter, points more naturally, and swings easier as well no gas system to muck up. Cleaning is a breeze. Legacy is a gussied up montefeltro.

01-10-2007, 9:07 PM
They are both made in the same factory but no question for me it's the Beretta!

But I'd get Xtrema2:p

Joe Register
01-11-2007, 8:49 PM
If you shoot clays or duck hunt, get the beretta - preferably a clays model. You want the extra weight. More weight = less recoil. If your arms get tired then practice mounting the gun a few times a week. You will smooth out your form and stop the fatigue.

If you are hunting upland game and walking around all day with ten or less shots, get the benelli. It is lighter. Lighter weight means you will not get tired and you can carry the gun where you need to. If you are really recoil adverse, skip the italian guns and get an 1100. It has a steel frame and is quite soft shooting.

Both are very reliable.

01-11-2007, 9:31 PM
I own a beretta in 20 ga the only complaint i have with it is the gas system gets real dirty and is a pain to clean

01-14-2007, 6:12 AM

01-14-2007, 7:05 AM
Asking which gun to buy, is like asking which car to buy, or asking which girl to marry.

Take them for a test drive, and see which one you like best.

Go to any clay range in the world and I'm sure you'll find someone that will let you shoot their gun.

01-14-2007, 9:11 AM
For range work, you'll probably be shooting light loads. Thus, for strictly a range gun (clays, trap, skeet) I would probably choose the Beretta. The gas system is more forgiving of those various loads. The added weight of the gun won't be much of an issue since you won't be carrying the gun the entire time (it'll be resting on your foot as you wait you're turn) and you'll get used to mounting it.

The Benelli is a wonderful shotgun, but they aren't always reliable with light loads (at least with the one's that I have and have shot). The benefit is they are lighter and feel more dynamic in the hands, for me. They are also easier to clean, since there is not gas system. But that's a moot point, if it is not reliable with the loads you want to shoot or you get beat up with the recoil with loads that it will shoot. The Benelli is a better hunting gun in my opinion since it is lighter/easier to carry all day and you're not going to be shooting 100 rounds through it (except perhaps in Patagonia...)

I hear you, about the third and fourth rounds becoming fatiguing. You can shoot any shotgun for the first couple rotations but you start feeling it by the third and especially the fourth. You can of course shoot loads so light in an O/U that would not cycle in any semi-auto, so save yourself from the recoil.

Regarding the F/O sights, this is a non-issue, since there are many sight systems available for either model that can be retrofitted to meet your preferences.

Good luck and good shooting.