View Full Version : Marvel conversion unit acting-up

07-26-2011, 4:20 PM
I bought a Marvel Conversion unit #2, a 22lr for a Kimber Carry Pro HD (4"). It has been performing fairly well until now. The past owner supplied three different 22lr magazines with it, a Kimber, a Marvel, and aa Colt Ace. I do like the Colt Ace mag. (it's steel and has been the best preforming of the bunch), the Marvel the worst (may not be seating well in the Pro Carry).

Sometimes a 22 lr round will not strip off the mag., sometimes the 22lr round will be aimed high (near 45 degrees) like it will not enter the barrel but stovepipe.

Sometimes the slide does not complete its travel to the rear of the pistol. When I cycle it without ammo. it does feel a little sludgiest at the end of travel. I understand the 22lr may be a dirty round and I have not been good about giving it a very good cleaning.

Do not know when the recoil or magazine springs where last replaced. Am beginning to wonder if the Colt Ace magazine needs its top pinched a bit. The rounds are standing up more so then the other mags

Any ideas where I can get a great deal on the Colt Ace mags?

Many Many Thanks