View Full Version : Ruger LCP - sticky mag followers?

Swift Justice
07-26-2011, 10:21 AM
I have an LCP for pocket carry. I bought it from an LEO in a PPT - he indicated that it only had about 150 rounds through it (I believe him) I have put about 200 rounds through it, all factory, almost all hardball except for the last 25 rds of Remington JHP.

About 50 rounds or so ago I started to notice that it had failure to go completely into battery issues - the round wouldn't quite chamber during a feed. Would happen about once every three mags. Really started noticing this problem while shooting yesterday - was getting failure to completely feed on almost every round, which at first I attributed to the JHP ammo.

Thinking something wasn't right, I dropped the mag (which was nearly full) and noticed that the top couple of rounds were loose in the mag - when I emptied the mag by hand the follower didn't come to the top of the mag. I disassembled the mag - it wasn't dirty at all, but the follower would not go all the way to the top of the mag. I had to push it out the bottom with a pen, and even after cleaning the mag with CLP the follower still is not a slide-free affair - it has to be pushed up or down with some force. The plastic follower looks fine - no deformations or bulges, etc. The mag body is also fine and hasn't been bent, bowed, or crushed.

Anyone else had this problem with their LCP? The follower is clearly sticking in the mag body - the only thing I can think to do (I know, besides sending it back to Ruger) is to take some really fine automotive wet/dry sand paper and sand the plastic until its free sliding in the mag body.

07-26-2011, 10:34 AM
Its gives you an excuse to buy a few extra mags. Thats what i would do. I wouldn't trust my life to a mag that doesn't feed right.