View Full Version : S&W pd340 cracks?

07-26-2011, 6:39 AM
I've been considering the pd340 airlight for a nice light carry

Upon searching the 'net I've come across a couple of cracked frame posts similar to:

Has the issue been resolved?
Should I be concerned about this happening to me?
Is the frame *a little too light*?

Should I look more toward a ruger lcr357? That'd be 13.3 oz vs 17 oz.


07-26-2011, 8:17 AM
I'd go ahead and get the pd340 and stick to non +P's if I were in your shoes. And, if the crack should happen, then allow S&W to take care of you. I have a 442 and have no cracks. Mine is fairly new, however.

07-26-2011, 8:45 AM
I have had a 340pd for about 6 years. Qualified with +p Gold Dots monthly and shot quite a few .357's. I just came across this post and checked out my gun. No cracks visiable. If you want a gun that will stop most anything and be comfortable to carry 24/7 wearing any type clothes, and not left at home because "it just didn't fit...." the 340 cannot be beat. If all you want to shoot is .38 special (no +P) buy an old airweight, S&W model 38.

07-26-2011, 4:37 PM
If I were you I'd get the 340 PD. I have an M&P 340 that I shoot .38/.38+P and even .357 through and it's fine. .357 isn't very fun to shoot out of the gun because of it's light weight but the gun can handle it. I usually shoot .38 and .38+P and the gun is fun to shoot.

I also wouldn't worry about getting a cracked frame. If the frame did happen to crack S&W will definitely take care of it. They pay shipping both ways and repair/replace the gun for free if needed.

I have several airweight j-frames and haven't ever had a problem with them.