View Full Version : Hornady "Get Loaded" Promotion

01-07-2007, 6:59 PM
I'm not sure if anyone else has seen or posted this, but Hornady has a "Get Loaded" promotion where you get free bullets if you buy qualifying Hornady reloading products.


You can get 500 bullets if you buy the Hornady Classic press or Classic kit. The Hornady Classic is an awesome press and is already outfitted with the Hornady Lock-n-Load system, which everyone should be using on their single stage presses. The Classic press goes for $110 through Midway. Add the 500 free bullets and you easily cut the cost of the press by at least half since a box of 100 Hornady bullets go for around $15 each depending on type.

Of course, the list of redeemable bullets is restricted to a select few, but check the above link for more details and check the PDF redemption form.

Definitely an excellent way to get started reloading.

01-08-2007, 3:48 PM
MidSouth Shooter's Supply has a Hornady promotion wherein if you purchase 10 boxes of Hornady bullets, you get a free Hornady T shirt. WTF's up with that. In order to get a free friggin' T shirt you have to spend an S load on bullets. I'm not rich over here. As many Hornady bullets as I have gone through they should be sending me free stuff.

All kidding aside, I used to purchase my bullets from Midway but for the time being, MidSouth's prices on Hornady and Sierra .224 bullets is much better. I try to be as loyal as possible to good suppliers such as Midway but their prices on reloading stuff keeps going up. That's too bad.

01-09-2007, 6:31 AM
Notice that the promotion runs till the end of 07. Might be worth while to keep your eye out for a deal on the classic kit. I wouldent mind haveing a single stage on the bench and I could used some of the rifle bullets. The dropper and scale could go out on ebay and it would be a great deal overall.