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Sorry guys,... I thought this got voided and did not get put up. I didn't finish and it was my intent not to post. It is only a link that I posted before that I 'was' going to put up again hoping to get people to help contribute to it. I had posted it before months ago and again a week or so ago at the request of my cousin to help get the site more action for the free food contributed. Nobody want anybodies money and I don't know how the hell you can take that away from it any way.... Just trying to help the shelters and rescues get free food from the vendors that participate in the program or whatever one may want to consider it. Again,..... It costs you nothing... As far as being in the wrong area, I don't doubt that as my location had been listed in the profile up in the r/h corner for a long time. I was sounded on my location not being listed. As to how it disappeared, I don't know but I know it was there. Rancho Cucamona, not just So. Cal. as it shows now. Also, I corrected that yesterday, with the city named, 'saved' it, and it still just shows as if I never touched it. This being posted in lieu of being deleted was no doubt my doing, my mistake. I dont' know what is going on with the location issue... or if not here just where would it then other than trashed to please.....

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She wants your money.

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:spam: wrong section anyways.

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